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Smart Surface Technologies is based in northeast Mississippi. We are a construction company specializing in concrete restoration, decorative concrete and maintenance.

Our services include crack repair, damaged concrete restoration and various decorative applications including polished concrete, overlays and self leveling, engraving, application of stains and dyes. We offer our commercial clients customized maintenance and cleaning programs.

Our maintenance systems are cost effective and value added. The knowledge of our flooring systems enable us to keep a close eye on wear and tear of the floor.


We know how floors perform and the best cleaning products and systems ensuring long term performance. In the long run this service saves property owners and tenants from expensive restoration and time loss.

Too often we have seen cleaning companies use the wrong products and maintenance systems with damaging results. All our projects are installed for long term durability and ease of maintenance. However, cleaning solutions, buffing pads, mops and brooms are all different. The proper combination adds life to a floor, the wrong combination will shorten the life.

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