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Stamped Concrete Mississipp, Ms

Stamped and colored decorative concrete is a versatile and cost effective flooring solution for exterior and interior surfaces.  Let’s add durability to the list of benefits.

The process uses existing concrete that can be colored in the mix and topically colored with hardners and stains. The finish is protected with sealers.

The design process is unlimited. Stamp patterns come in many shapes and sizes with designs that match your decor. Stamped patterns can be applied wherever wet concrete is poured. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a walkway, pool deck or large open public area.

Not only are there numerous stamped patterns but different kinds of stamps and colors can be used in a project. For example a walkway can have a brick pattern along the edges and textured slate tile pattern along the interior. For customers who want natural stone, we can individually color each piece to look like natural stone.

In addition to stamped concrete there are stamped concrete overlays that can achieve the same look as one newly poured. If you have existing concrete that is in good condition we can apply an overlay of approximately 3/8 inch thick, then stamp the concrete while it is still wet.

If the existing concrete is in bad shape it probably makes the most sense to remove and repour. Either way if you have existing concrete or are interested in a new look like in the photos pictured here give us a call. We can take a look at your ideas and provide you with options.

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Concrete Epoxy Floor Repair Corinth Ms.

This project in Corinth Mississippi presented quite a few challenges right from the beginning. In some areas we were faced with an epoxy repair challenge with 3 coats that needed to be removed. Other areas and VCT tile and carpet that required removal. All the carpet glue, mastic and old epoxies needed to be ground off the concrete floor.

As we were removing all the old glues we found hundreds of divots in the concrete that needed to be filled and smoothed which we completed by hand. In total there were 1,700 square feet of floor area that needed substantial repair and surface preparation before application of a new coating.

Once all the old coatings were removed, we ground the concrete with our dustless floor grinding equipment creating a smooth new surface. We applied two coats of an advanced technology polyurea coating. The first coat is a thin primer coat that soaks into the surface becoming part of the floor. Then we broadcast decorative chips and non slip additive into the wet surface.

The next layer is a high build coat. The beauty of the polyurea are the numerous unique features not available in other floor coatings. The result is a non yellowing surface, non slip and scratch resistant floor. It is easy to clean and prevents bacteria build. It will withstand years of abuse from foot traffic, fork lifts, pallet jacks and handcarts. This is one of the most durable coating systems available today.


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If you have an unattractive concrete floor at your commercial or residential property in Mississippi, Tennessee or Alabama we can change that with numerous decorative and functional options.

There are 4 principal options:

  1. Concrete Polishing – The process starts by grinding the floor starting with coarse diamond blades. Each step of the process we use finer and finer blades. In many cases we dye and seal the floor with a polyurea coating.
  2. Epoxies and Polyureas – This coatings are industrial grade used for many types of floors. For many years these coatings were commonly used in warehouse buildings. New products and techniques have improved with decorative results for residential garages, basements, retail stores restaurants and many others.
  3. Self Leveling Concrete– Self leveling concrete has been used prior to tile applications and repairing floors. New technologies have created decorative wear surfaces for all kinds of building types.
  4. Skim Coats – These are thin cementitious coatings that can be integrally colored stained, dyed and sealed. Options are vast. We can make your floor look any way you want. Completely custom.

Each floor is different. There is not one product for every surface. We will inspect your property and provide you with the appropriate option.

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Dog Kennel Floor

One of the biggest issues dog kennel owners face is is kennel cough created from unhealthy flooring that traps bacteria. The polyurea concrete floor coating system we install in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama prevents the problem.

The most important feature of our coating system is a scratch proof , non slip application that can be cleaned daily. Most coatings when scratched develop a frayed edge like you see if you scratch soft plastic. Try scratching a piece of plastic with a nail and you will see a frayed edge. Frayed edges trap dirt and moisture breeding bacteria growth.

Our polyurea system will develop minimal scratches but with a straight edge that will not trap dirt and moisture. This is a significant feature for creating a healthy environment with long term performance.

The process starts by grinding the concrete creating a flat floor. Cracks and damaged areas are repaired followed by application of 2-4 coats. The grinding and flatening process is critical. Polyureas perform best when coats are applied with a consistent thickness. This consistency allows for non slip application that is even throughout the floor as opposed to systems applied on a wavy surface where the aggregate will sink to bottom becoming ineffective or protrude through surface where they can dislodge.

Floors can be cleaned daily and dry quickly when cleaned with a neoprine squeegee. The squeegee works excellent because the floor is flat, free of highs and lows that are inherent in concrete. Precose.

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We apply polyurea and epoxy floor coatings for our clients in Mississippi, Ms, Tennessee, Tn and Alabama, Al. Most of our projects are residential and commercial projects ranging in size from 500 – 10,000 square feet. However we have partners in markets nationwide giving us the capability to handle numerous locations and larger sized floors.

In most cases we install a polyurea coating that looks and preforms like high performance epoxies but with superior results for our customers. The polyureas are scratch resistant prevventing bacteria growth and dirt buildup.

The application system provides a non slip feature that works for years not just a few months before getting slippery.

The process of grinding a floor smooth with a consistent coating thickness allows us to use a smaller chip size that looks like granite as featured here.

We also have metallic finishes and stain and dye options with polyurea clear coats.

Epoxy Floor Mississippi, Ms


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Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings Mississippi

We specialize in application of industrial concrete floor coatings throughout Mississippi and neighboring states, Tennessee and Alabama like in the photos here.

The process starts with extensive surface preparation. First we grind the concrete removing impurities while removing all the high and low spots in the floor. Once the grinding process is complete, we fix and the cracks and damaged areas with a polyurea crack filler. Polyurea is a high performance filler that flows to the bottom of the crack absorbing and curing into the walls of the concrete. See Photo.

After the grinding and repair steps we apply a first coat of polyurea coating that absorbs into the surface. This is a 4-5 mil thickness coat. The next coat is approximately 10 mils thick. There are no solvents in our polyurea so that when it cures it does not shrink to a thin system. The floor has a consistent 14-15 mil system.

We mix a non slip, non porous aggregate into each coat. This provides a coeffiecient of friction compliant with OSHA standards.

We serve the tri state area of Mississippi, Ms, Tennessee, and Alabama, Al. viagra Synthroid.