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Dog Kennel Flooring – Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama

Dog Kennel Floor

One of the biggest issues dog kennel owners face is is kennel cough created from unhealthy flooring that traps bacteria. The polyurea concrete floor coating system we install in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama prevents the problem.

The most important feature of our coating system is a scratch proof , non slip application that can be cleaned daily. Most coatings when scratched develop a frayed edge like you see if you scratch soft plastic. Try scratching a piece of plastic with a nail and you will see a frayed edge. Frayed edges trap dirt and moisture breeding bacteria growth.

Our polyurea system will develop minimal scratches but with a straight edge that will not trap dirt and moisture. This is a significant feature for creating a healthy environment with long term performance.

The process starts by grinding the concrete creating a flat floor. Cracks and damaged areas are repaired followed by application of 2-4 coats. The grinding and flatening process is critical. Polyureas perform best when coats are applied with a consistent thickness. This consistency allows for non slip application that is even throughout the floor as opposed to systems applied on a wavy surface where the aggregate will sink to bottom becoming ineffective or protrude through surface where they can dislodge.

Floors can be cleaned daily and dry quickly when cleaned with a neoprine squeegee. The squeegee works excellent because the floor is flat, free of highs and lows that are inherent in concrete. Precose.

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