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Church and School Floors

Polished concrete, cementitious overlays and polyureas and epoxies are ideal for large floors, hallways, classroom and rest rooms  for a variety of reasons.

  1. Cost Effective – Polished concrete is a functional and decorative alternative to marble and terrazzo floors. We can restore aged, unsightly concrete into reflective, designer, non slip  durable flooring.
  2. Labor Saving Maintenance – Decorative concrete is easy to maintain. They are seamless and non porous.
  3. Safe – Non slip exceeding OSHA recommended levels.
  4. Clarity of Sound – low absorption of sound results in extreme clarity for music and assemblies.
  5. Durability – floors sealed with polyurea have the toughest coating made. They are high impact resistent.
  6. Easily Restored – polyurea coatings can be lightly sanded and recoated if worn from extensive wear and tear.

Our System

  1. Tile and Coating Removal –vinyl tile and carpet can be removed, mastic and carpet glue from old flooring can be removed
  2. Remove High Spots – we grind the floor removing high spots.
  3. Cracks and Damaged Concrete – cracks and damaged concrete are restored with our non shrink, solvent free repair system.
  4. Coloring and Design – floors are dyed or coated with pigmented overlays.

Maintenance Systems

Long term performance and cost savings are subject to proper maintenance. We will design a cost effective, long term maintenance and cleaning system for your floor.

Areas We Serve

Our church, school and public assembly building floor services include Mississippi, Ms, Tennessee, Tn, Alabama, Al