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Dog Kennel Flooring & Kennel Cough Prevention

A dog kennel floor has distinct problems that have distressed kennel owners for years that our polyurea system can solve. Creating hygenic conditions for animals is very important and that starts with the floor. Our polyureas system is a pure bred, solvent free coating that has been engineered to prevent micro scratches. When scratched our polyurea, upon close inspection, will reveal straight edges not frayed. Frayed edges trap dirt and moisture, straight lined scratches do not. This helps prevent bacterial growth.

Smart Surface Technologies Healthy Floor System

There are solutions that will decrease bacterial cultivation.

1. Enhanaced Elongation – Increasing elongation in our polyurea, reduces scratched edges which are  straight not frayed. When floors are cleaned, dirt, and moisture causing bacteria growth are dissolved.

2. Cove Moldings – cove moldings along interior edges can be installed and coated with polyurea. The result is a seamless surface that can be cleaned easily.

3. Floor Drain – areas around drains are ground to ensure water flows into the drans without pooling.

4. Moisture Remediation – Floors are ground smooth opening the pores and capillaries in the concrete. Polyurea absorbs into the surface capping off moisture pressure.

5. Glossy Top Coat Is Illuminating – Glossy top coatings enhances light reflection keeping room bright.  If reflection is reduced due to extreme wear, your flooring can be lightly sanded and recoated restoring the coating with minimal cost.  Quick curing puts floor back into service quickly with little downtime.

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