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Industrial Floor

We specialize in application of high performance polyurea and epoxy coatings for a variety of industrial uses. Each floor requires different solutions with a specialized product for each use. Not all coatings are created equal and very few off the shelf products will perform.

Our polyurea coating has become one of our highest performing coatings because of the products versatile characteristics. It is a highly specialized coating with remarkable performance for high traffic floors.

We can make adjustments to the cure time depending on the heat and humidity. We can accelerate the cure time if the floor is cold and decrease the cure time if the floor is warm or weather is hot.

Forklift Tires and Pallet Jack Resistant

Our polyurea coating has minimal abrasion preventing excessive wear of forklift tires. Our polyurea coating has been engineered to be scratch resistant. Micro scratches that are the result of normal wear have straight edges as opposed to coatings that develop frayed edges. If you looked at many epoxies and polyureas with a magnifying glass you will notice scratches have frayed edges. Frayed edges trap dirt making them impossible to keep clean.

A straight edge in a scratch will not trap dirt. This makes it easy to keep the floor clean while prolonging the life of the surface.

Improved Lighting

Light reflection from our polyurea coating is long lasting. Due to the scratch resistant feature, light reflection is not absorbed like with other coatings. Our color choices range from various grays to earth tones. We also have greens, blues reds and yellows if custom design work is required. Our color chips come in a variety of sizes and colors as well.

Coefficient Of Friction

We build our non slip aggregate into each layer using a specific size that will suspend in the coating. It does not float to the bottom where it becomes ineffective nor will it protrude through the top where it can become dislodged. It is locked in. Even as floor wears, the coefficient of friction will remain in compliance with OSHA recommended guidelines. Our non slip aggregate is a specialized glass that is non porous and will not absorb dirt and become discolored.

Low Maintenance

Our polyurea system is low maintenance and labor saving. Floors can be cleaned with appropriate cleaner using a stiff bristle broom and neoprene squeegee.

Areas We Serve

We provide industrial and warehouse floor coating and maintenance services in Mississippi, Ms, Tennessee, Tn, and Alabama, Al