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Office FlooringWe can provide you with a few different options for your concrete office floors.

  • Concrete Polishing – we grind the concrete to remove high spots, expose cracks and damaged areas. All blemishes and problem areas are patched with non shrink, zero solvent polyurea. Floors can be stained or dyed, then sealed with our high performance polyurea clear or pigmented coating.
  • Overlays & Self Leveling – If the concrete is too badly damaged or has too many blemishes we can apply various overlays. If the floor height needs to be raised, we can install a self leveling concrete  at a thickness of ¼ to over 1 inch thick. Microtoppings of 1/8th inch thick or less can be applied. Self leveling and microtoppings can be integrally colored to stained and dyed topically, then sealed.
  • Polyureas and Epoxies – Decorative options with polyureas and epoxies put these coatings in the same category as overlays. Function and design choices are versatile. After we inspect your floor we can provide you with function, design and pricing options.

  • Maintenance Systems – we provide a full range of cleaning and maintenance programs for office buildings.

Building Exteriors – Sidewalks and curbing can be coated with cementitious overlays and designed to look like brick, tile or stone.

Interior Areas – We can apply custom concrete solutions for office lobby floors, individual suites, restrooms, storage areas and loading docks.

Areas We Serve – Our office floor and maintenance services include Mississippi, Ms, Tennessee, Tn, Alabama, Al.