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Restaurant Floor Coatings

We provide decorative concrete floor polishing and specialty coatings for restaurants in the tri state area of Mississippi, Ms, Tennessee, Tn, and Alabama, Al. A typical project is approximately 1,500 square feet to 3,500 square feet and takes 2-5 days to complete depending on the flooring system.

Restaurant floors need to be non porous to prevent grease and dirt from penetrating the air holes and microscopic capillaries in concrete. If you are interested in a stained or dyed floor we can grind, lightly polish and protect the floor with a polyurea sealer. Wax coats can be applied and cleaned with appropriate grease removing cleaner.

Decorative Options

We can stain or dye your restaurant floor in earth tones and/or a combination of reds, blues, greens and yellows. If you are looking for unique curb appeal that your customers will always remember, we can design your floor with graphics or custom engraving.

Exterior Decorative Concrete

If you are seeking to grab your customers attention before they enter your restaurant, we can resurface the sidewalk and entrance area in unlimited designs. Decorative concrete applications are extremely versatile. They are perfect for creating a durable, value enhancing image for any restaurant or retail store.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Our polyurea coating application is the most durable, long lasting and lowest maintenance flooring available on the market today. Floors are bright and smooth with non slip built into each coating layer. This is a significant feature that prolongs the coefficient of friction for a long time. We can install cove moldings along interior edges which can be coated to create a seamless easy to clean surface. Our polyureas are scratch resistant preventing bacteria growth.

Areas We Serve

We are located in northern Mississippi, Ms and service the tri state area including Tennessee, Tn, and Alabama, Al.