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Retail Store and Shopping Center Floor Coatings and Maintenance Systems

Function, Design and Maintenance are the three topics our customers ask about when considering concrete for their flooring. We have numerous options depending on the area and use.

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete has become very popular in many areas within a shopping center. Floors are ground smooth and flat, exposing partial or full aggregate. Mid way through the process we can dye the concrete followed by densifying the surface. Densifying increases the strength and tightens the pores of the floor. We continue the grind and polish system which removes the residue exposing the aggregate. We can polish up to a 3,000 grit high polish or stop part way through the process for a matte finish.

The floor meets all the requirements for many retailers and shopping center owners. It is decorative, non slip, durable and low maintenance.

Micro Toppings and Self Leveling Concrete

In cases where the floor is badly damaged and a polish will not provide a satisforctory surface we can apply a microtopping or sometimes called an overlay of 1/8th inch or less.

If the floor height needs to be raised and the desired result is like a polished surface we can apply a self leveling concrete ranging from ΒΌ inch to more than 1 inch thick.

Overlays and self leveling concrete can be integrally colored and dyed. We can also engrave the surface or cut a tile pattern in any size. The result is similar to marble or terrazzo at a fraction of the cost.

Polyurea and Epoxy Coatings

In certain areas like restaurants and warehouse areas a polyurea or epoxy coating may be appropriate. They are non porous and easy to clean. If you need a coating that is hygienic, a polyurea decorative coating could be the best choice. They resist micro scratching and prevent bacteria growth. Plus we have a non slip aggregate system that lasts indefinitely and will not discolor like quartz or other porous non slip additives.

Maintenance Systems

We offer maintenance programs for each floor we install. We will work with your existing maintenance program or we can handle your entire facility.