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Grocery Market Floors

Design – One of the interesting features of polished concrete or overlays with a properly maintained sealer and wax coat is the reflection into the floor from a diverse collection of packaging, displays, fruits and vegetables. No other flooring develops this kind of reflection. Even a basic color floor looks different wherever you go through a grocery store with concrete floors. We can help you achieve a natural looking, well designed surface without the cost of design like other floor types.

Function – When we polish, or in many cases polish and seal a floor, we grind the concrete to a smooth, flat surface. Our goal is to remove the high and low spots inherent in concrete throughout the floor and  expansion joints. We can even fill in expansion joints with a flexible, high impact resistant filler creating a seamless surface. Floors are smooth for shopping carts and prevent shuffling feet from tripping at high or low spots on the floor.

Durability – Each flooring system whether a polish or overlay is extremely durable with long term life potential. When properly maintained with the right cleaning products and systems, concrete grocery market floors will last indefinitely.

Low Maintenance  – Polished concrete surfaces are easy to keep clean. They are seamless with low abrasion. For polished surfaces you do not need a wax system. Though a sealed floor with a wax coat will prolong the life of the floor before a repolish is required.

Sealed Surfaces – There are numerous options available for your floor finish depending on budget and use. Many of our projects include grinding the floor followed with light polishing and application of our polyurea sealer. Our polyurea coating provides an extraordinary level of protection and completely seals and caps off moisture pressure.

Areas We Serve

We specialize in the tri state area of Mississippi, Ms, Tennessee, Tn and Alabama, Al.