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Vehicle and Transportation Flooring

Garage Floor

We provide our clients with a complete garage remodeling service starting with the floor. The process begins by preparing the surface with our diamond grinding and dustless vacuum system. Then once and the cracks are filled and damaged areas patched with apply our industrial grade polyurea to the floor. We can even apply moldings along the edges and coat them to create a waterproof basin.

For a complete remodel we have a selection of steel or wood organizational cabinets and wall panels.

Car Dealership Showrooms

For car showroom areas we have a few options for adding curb appeal to the floor. Our polyurea system is very popular nationwide for auto showrooms for a few reasons.

  1. Bright and Reflective – our top coat provides a light reflective shine that is ideal for showrooms.
  2. Unlimited Colors – we can customize the colors and granite chips to match your logo and design
  3. Custom Graphics – any size and shape can be created . They are applied between coats.
  4. Non Slip – also called Coefficient of Friction exceeds OSHA guidelines, prevents slip and fall accidents
  5. Low Maintenance – floors are scratch resistant and easy to keep clean for many years.

Boat and Marine Facilites

We have numerous options depending on function and design requirements. Polished concrete or polyurea coatings are the best options. Both wear like iron with decorative possibilities. Polyurea coatings are bright and functional in low lit storage and repair areas.