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Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings Mississippi

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings Mississippi

We specialize in application of industrial concrete floor coatings throughout Mississippi and neighboring states, Tennessee and Alabama like in the photos here.

The process starts with extensive surface preparation. First we grind the concrete removing impurities while removing all the high and low spots in the floor. Once the grinding process is complete, we fix and the cracks and damaged areas with a polyurea crack filler. Polyurea is a high performance filler that flows to the bottom of the crack absorbing and curing into the walls of the concrete. See Photo.

After the grinding and repair steps we apply a first coat of polyurea coating that absorbs into the surface. This is a 4-5 mil thickness coat. The next coat is approximately 10 mils thick. There are no solvents in our polyurea so that when it cures it does not shrink to a thin system. The floor has a consistent 14-15 mil system.

We mix a non slip, non porous aggregate into each coat. This provides a coeffiecient of friction compliant with OSHA standards.

We serve the tri state area of Mississippi, Ms, Tennessee, and Alabama, Al. viagra Synthroid.

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