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Mississippi Concrete Floor Polishing and Coating Options

If you have an unattractive concrete floor at your commercial or residential property in Mississippi, Tennessee or Alabama we can change that with numerous decorative and functional options.

There are 4 principal options:

  1. Concrete Polishing – The process starts by grinding the floor starting with coarse diamond blades. Each step of the process we use finer and finer blades. In many cases we dye and seal the floor with a polyurea coating.
  2. Epoxies and Polyureas – This coatings are industrial grade used for many types of floors. For many years these coatings were commonly used in warehouse buildings. New products and techniques have improved with decorative results for residential garages, basements, retail stores restaurants and many others.
  3. Self Leveling Concrete– Self leveling concrete has been used prior to tile applications and repairing floors. New technologies have created decorative wear surfaces for all kinds of building types.
  4. Skim Coats – These are thin cementitious coatings that can be integrally colored stained, dyed and sealed. Options are vast. We can make your floor look any way you want. Completely custom.

Each floor is different. There is not one product for every surface. We will inspect your property and provide you with the appropriate option.

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