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Office Space – Concrete Epoxy Floor Repair Corinth Mississippi

Concrete Epoxy Floor Repair Corinth Ms.

This project in Corinth Mississippi presented quite a few challenges right from the beginning. In some areas we were faced with an epoxy repair challenge with 3 coats that needed to be removed. Other areas and VCT tile and carpet that required removal. All the carpet glue, mastic and old epoxies needed to be ground off the concrete floor.

As we were removing all the old glues we found hundreds of divots in the concrete that needed to be filled and smoothed which we completed by hand. In total there were 1,700 square feet of floor area that needed substantial repair and surface preparation before application of a new coating.

Once all the old coatings were removed, we ground the concrete with our dustless floor grinding equipment creating a smooth new surface. We applied two coats of an advanced technology polyurea coating. The first coat is a thin primer coat that soaks into the surface becoming part of the floor. Then we broadcast decorative chips and non slip additive into the wet surface.

The next layer is a high build coat. The beauty of the polyurea are the numerous unique features not available in other floor coatings. The result is a non yellowing surface, non slip and scratch resistant floor. It is easy to clean and prevents bacteria build. It will withstand years of abuse from foot traffic, fork lifts, pallet jacks and handcarts. This is one of the most durable coating systems available today.


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