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Concrete Floor Renovation

One of the beauties of concrete is that it can be restored. Even after many years of abuse. Virtually every floor has cracks that need to be repaired and damaged areas that need to be patched. It’s not unusual to run into a situation where it appears that the only solution is to remove the concrete and repour. However that may not be the case. The right product and proper systems can fix a floor permanently.

Removing Tile, Wood and Carpet

VCT, vinyl, ceramic tile, wood and carpet  can be removed. The mastic and gglues beneath, can be ground off the surface. Typically the old concrete is cracked and spalling. After the old flooring has been removed and glues and mastic ground off the surface, we can assess the floor for the proper remediation solution.

Epoxy Coating Repair

If the epoxy on your floor has become discolored and impossible to keep clean or is chipping or delaminating off the surface we can grind the coating exposing the original concrete. Many epoxy applications fail for a variety of reasons. Moisture pressure and efflorescence will push upwards and break down the adhesion to the surface. This can be the result of a low grade product or improper surface preparation. Discoloration can be the result of dirt buildup in micro scratches or dirt that absorbs into quartz.

Crack and Concrete Repair

Cracks in concrete go all the way through the slab. The system for properly fixing starts with a filler that will flow to the bottom and cure below grade without shrinking. Our repair system utilizes a polyurea of 100% solids that is solvent free and will not shrink. It will cure below grade and activate with moisture. Finally it has enough flexability to bend with movements in the concrete without cracking.

The same product is used to patch damaged areas. All patches are ground smooth to blend with the surface. Our patch repair polyurea is compatible with our coating alleviating risk of peeling or chipping.

Concrete Grinding

Because our polyurea coatings are sensitive to proper surface preparation, we can grind an existing surface and remove all the high spots in the floor. The new flat surface is ideal for a coating but also an excellent surface prep system for other flooring like hardwood or tile.

Areas We Serve

We are located in Northeast Mississippi ( Ms ) and serve the tri state area including Tennessee ( Tn ) and Alabama ( Al )