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Commercial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Long term performance of your concrete or hard surface flooring is subject to the proper cleaning and maintenance systems. To often the wrong cleaning products and methods are used resulting in premature and expensive remediation of your floors.

Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Cafeterias

Food grease, citrus, alcohol and coffee get on the floor and tracked throughout your floor space.  To keep your place clean and healthy requires use of the right cleaner (and right amount) at specific intervals.

We use a specialized industrial cleaner for removing food grease that is mild enough to use every day but not to harsh to damage the floor.  Depending on the facility we will use a specific cleaner 1-2 times per week that is eats grease and bacteria buildup.

Our wax coat system is maintained with regular use of a floor restoring cleaner. Our wax coat is a 30% solids two coat system that can be burnished on a regular basis with a hogs hair or white pad. When the shine cannot be restored we will provide a scrub and recoat syste. We use a mild stripper that remoes a single layer of the wax followed by two new coats. Over time the wax coat builds numerous protective layers increasing performance with age.

Office, Retail, Schools and Public Buildings

Floor wear is different in every facility and in various parts of a building. The system applied in an office building differs from the main areas of a shopping center or retail store.

We implement cleaning systems customized for each facility. Regular cleaning is applied with periodic specialized floor restoration cleaners and systems. Our scrub and recoat process is applied on an as need basis. We will strip wax coats and reapply when needed.

Maintaining Grocery Store Floors

Grocery stores are like retail stores but with additional wear and tear. Shopping carts plus abrasive foot traffic with stops and starts makes for excessive wear. That combined with food grease that can be tracked throughout the store has additional maintenance requirements.

We have specific cleaning systems for removing asphalt marks that are tracked in during hot summer months or salts that get tracked from the occasional de icing from a winter storm.

Floor Restoration Services

If and when the floor gets damaged we are well equipped for routine maintenance or remediation. Let us know what specific issues you have and we’ll customize a maintenance system for various areas of your facility.