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Polyurea and Epoxy Coatings

Polyurea and Epoxy Coatings are industrial grade, non slip and prevent bacteria growth. Our polyurea coatings are fast cure, advanced technology products that are rapidly becoming the industry standard. They have been developed in recent years solving many of the problems that have plagued the coating industry for decades. They are non slip, scratch resistant and prevent bacterial growth.

Application starts with concrete grinding to eliminate high spots inherent in concrete while opening the pores of the surface. The first coat soaks into the floor capping off moisture and capillary pressure that causes failure with most coatings. The second coat is a high build application. Polyurea comes in clear coats and can be pigmented in your choice of colors. Decorative chips can be applied in two sizes 1/16th inch and ¼ inch.

Micro Toppings

Microtoppings are thin, cementitious coats, applied directly over concrete surfaces. They are typically less than 1/8th inch thick curing to a rock hard finish. They can be integrally colored, stained and dyed. We can design the surface in numerous patterns and unlimited designs. Custom graphics can be used to create a customized, one of a kind floor design.

Self Leveling Overlays

Self leveling concrete is a smooth, flat finished overlay with a thickness of ¼ inch to over 1 inch thick

They are idea for restoring damaged surfaces and raising floor height to match adjacent flooring like tile or hardwood and door jams. Like microtoppings, they can be integrally colored, dyed and sealed.

Polished Concrete

We have a few polished concrete systems depending on the function and design of your commercial or residential space. Polishing starts with aggressive grinding followed by finer grit diamonds. Polished concrete floors can be dyed then densified. The densifying process increases the strength of the concrete. Floor grinding can start as low as 25 -40 grit with numerous steps up to 3,000 grit depending on the level of shine. We can also grind up to a 100 – 200 grit finish, dye the surface and coat with a polyurea.

Decorative Concrete Stain, Engraving and Custom Graphics

Concrete floors can be stained and dyed in numerous colors with unlimited options for design. Our polyurea and epoxy systems can include custom graphics that are applied between coats. This system locks the design in under the top coat for long term protection.
We have completed numerous, engraved concrete stain projects and can create custom artwork on your floor using graphic designs in unlimited shapes and sizes.

Areas Served

We are based in Northeast Missisippi ( Ms )and serve the Tri state area including Tennessee ( Tn ) and Alabama ( Al )