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Stamped Concrete – Mississippi, Ms

Stamped Concrete Mississipp, Ms

Stamped and colored decorative concrete is a versatile and cost effective flooring solution for exterior and interior surfaces.  Let’s add durability to the list of benefits.

The process uses existing concrete that can be colored in the mix and topically colored with hardners and stains. The finish is protected with sealers.

The design process is unlimited. Stamp patterns come in many shapes and sizes with designs that match your decor. Stamped patterns can be applied wherever wet concrete is poured. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a walkway, pool deck or large open public area.

Not only are there numerous stamped patterns but different kinds of stamps and colors can be used in a project. For example a walkway can have a brick pattern along the edges and textured slate tile pattern along the interior. For customers who want natural stone, we can individually color each piece to look like natural stone.

In addition to stamped concrete there are stamped concrete overlays that can achieve the same look as one newly poured. If you have existing concrete that is in good condition we can apply an overlay of approximately 3/8 inch thick, then stamp the concrete while it is still wet.

If the existing concrete is in bad shape it probably makes the most sense to remove and repour. Either way if you have existing concrete or are interested in a new look like in the photos pictured here give us a call. We can take a look at your ideas and provide you with options.

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